It was quite a surprise the way Magnolia Street Paper blossomed into our lives. I have always been completely addicted to beautiful paper and cards. As a child, I was mesmerized by paper crafting and even just looking through pretty cards at the store. I could get lost in my imagination for hours.

As an adult, that creative piece sort of fell away, but I began to really crave bringing it back into my life. It was just on a total whim that I began classes in graphic and web design. I was a little bored and thought these classes might be fun and different. I completely fell in love with graphic design and little by little my designs started to resemble the adult version of my childhood obsession with paper. 

It is such an honor to be a small part of of someone's wedding or special occasion. Much care and love goes into every piece that I create and we really pride ourselves on excellent quality and customer service. The smile on my customer's face or a great review makes my day every time.

Magnolia Street Paper is located in our home studio in Eastern Pennsylvania and consists of myself, Jacqueline Crown, my husband, Jim Ruzicka and the fuzzy boys.

I handle most of the details at Magnolia Street Paper, from the designing and typesetting to working directly with customers. I have the help of my wonderful husband, Jim, when things get really busy in the studio. Jim helps with packing, shipping and any other crazy errands I send him on to keep the day sane.

Woolie Bear and Cubby, our super fuzzy lionhead rabbits, keep us laughing all the time. It's a wonder we get anything done. They are also both the best paper shredders.