Welcome 2022?

The last two years have been tough. My heart goes out to all of my customers that have had to change or cancel wedding plans, rearrange events and improvise different ways of gathering.  It seems every few months is a mad scramble to change dates, change venues or cancel and wait to see what happens.

But, we humans are creative and resilient, and have changed with the times by having microweddings, drive-by baby showers, and many bridal showers and birthday parties moved to the outdoors at local parks or backyards.  

After two years of traversing the unknown, I was hoping in 2022 we would see some light at the end of the tunnel. I spent November and December creating new designs and getting ready for a year that would perhaps be different. A year where we can gather without worry, celebrate with friends and family, and all take a big sigh of relief. 

January so far has been off to a rough start. As difficult as this time is, could we actually be moving toward the light at the end of the tunnel? I sure hope so. They say pandemics don't last forever, and I truly hope this is the year that brings change. 

We all cannot wait to gather with loved ones and celebrate life's big moments. I know I can't wait. Time apart has made my family and friends even more precious. 

Until then, I will be busy designing wedding, bridal shower, baby shower invitations and finding my inspiration in my memories of gatherings of the past. I will continue to be there for those last-minute date changes, venue changes, and rescheduling until we all can take that sigh of relief. 

Here's to wishing for a year that will bring connection, joy, and laughter with all of our loved ones!

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